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About Us

Agico Vegetarian Cafe is run by a team of passionate and compassionate individuals whose goal is to let you discover the amazing vegetarian cuisine that you have not yet tasted before!

We aim to raise awareness that a delicious, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly, meat free diet will definitely go a long way in helping the environment.

We are not influenced by religion, we just simply love life, the nature and all living creatures!

Agico Vegetarian Cafe has given healthy eating a new twist!

Come and have a taste of great tasting, guilt free, meatless dishes that is sure to satisfy even the non veggie eaters. Serving Japanese inspired mouthwatering meat free and guilt free dishes that will help you start LIVING THE AGICO WAY.

Real and Natural Food is what you get!

We put an impeccable amount of time and effort in putting a great dish in every plate that we serve. Artificial flavours, colourings, taste and preservatives are a big NO-NO to us. We definitely care for your health and we want the best for you!